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Φ3.0 Bright Copper

【Product specifications】 Complete specifications
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【Production date】 On June 7, 2016
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detailed description

TU1 and TU2: Products: plate, strip, tube, rod, wire
Main features: high purity, electrical conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity, no "hydrogen disease" or minimal (hydrogen disease); workability and weldability, corrosion resistance, cold resistance are good
Mainly used for electric vacuum instrumentation devices
TP1 products: plate, strip, tube. TP2 products: plate, strip, tube, rod, wire
Main features: good weldability and cold bending performance, usually no "hydrogen disease" tendencies can be processed in a reducing atmosphere, the use of, but not processed in an oxidizing atmosphere use. TP1 TP2 residual phosphorus brighter than less, so the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity higher than the TP2
Mainly in pipe applications to be sheet, strip or rod, wire supply. Used as a gasoline or gas pipes, drains, condenser, torpedo tubes, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, tank train parts
TAg0.1 products: plates, tubes
Main features: adding a small amount of copper silver, can significantly increase the softening temperature (recrystallization temperature) and creep strength side, but little to reduce electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and plasticity of copper. Silver and copper used in its age-hardening effect was not significant, the general work hardening to improve strength. She has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical contact, such as when the tram line is made, the life of 2-4 times higher than the average hard copper
Used as a heat conductive material. Commutator segments such as motor, generator rotor conductor, spot welding electrodes, communication lines, wire, wires, tubes and other materials.

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