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Shanghai Kaiseder International Trading Co.,Ltd (Shanghai branch)

person in charge:Shi Taihe

Cell phone: 18239990598

Tel :0371-5508-3768

Fax :0371-5568-5982

Minister of supply: Wang Shouhong



(copper bar) minister of sales: Chai North



(aluminum alloy wire) sales department minister: Miao Xudong



(copper) sales department minister: Hu Zhaohui



(copper wire, insulating materials) sales department general manager: Sun Xueke



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             Henan Province Xinchang copper co., LTD is a large private copper, aluminum processing enterprises in henan, the registered capital of 101.18 million yuan, covers an area of more than 300 acres, mainly engaged in oxygen free copper rod, copper wire, copper platoon, aluminum alloy wire and cable insulation materials production and sales, annual comprehensive production capacity of 130000 tons, the company's total assets reached 390 million yuan, sales income reached 3.5 billion yuan, the overall strength is located in gongyi city 30 strong.
In 2014 the company was established in Shanghai free trade zone in Shanghai KaiSiDe international trade co., LTD., as a wholly owned subsidiary of xinchang copper, copper, aluminum alloy wire rod as the main import and export business, and North America, South America, north Africa, southeast Asia and other regions, the company's products to the international, but also by foreign customers consistent high praise.
Companies adhering to the good faith as the core management idea, on the basis of industry, capital operation and technological innovation, for wings, focus on structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, enterprise comprehensive strength, the company currently has several projects, diversification of product innovation has been the development strategy of the company for many years, in recent years, our company cooperate with many nonferrous metal research institute, the company's product quality reached new heights. In November 2012, drafting the law of the People's Republic of China nonferrous metals company of conductive recycled copper industry standards, and in March 2013 by the ministry of industry and information technology of the People's Republic of China enterprise distribution sector standard certificate copy. High strength and high conductivity alloy wire 2015 by Beijing institute of authoritative inspection, reached the international advanced level.
Main products: oxygen free copper rod, copper wire, copper platoon, aluminum alloy wire and cable insulation materials, is the domestic large-scale cable enterprises, the major suppliers of raw materials in 2006 through the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, in 2013 through the ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001-2007 occupational health and safety management system certification.
Company spirit of "people-oriented, to adapt to the change, development, contributing to society" business philosophy, and repeatedly won the "civilization integrity of private enterprises in henan province", "advanced private enterprise of zhengzhou city", "top 30 of gongyi city", "zhengzhou city double hundred enterprises" "quality trustworthy unit" and other honors, general manager of comrade Chai Xingchen repeatedly won the "entrepreneur of gongyi city 30 strong" gongyi city ten outstanding youth "" gongyi city May 1 labor medal" gongyi city model worker "title.
Company development strategy in 2016 in the service and quality as the key of enterprise development, seize market opportunities, with advanced equipment and strict management concept and strong capital advantage, remain in the forefront of the market competition.

Henan province Xinchang Copper Co. Ltd.

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